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As described by its name "Mogul Kitchen", the company produces edible items (mostly non-veg) that is based on the traditional "Mughlai Recipe". Mughlai Cuisine became popular under the patronage of Mughal emperors who adopted it for their daily usage as well as for royal banqueting. This medieval- era recipe was influenced by Central Asian cuisines but remodified with the help of Hakeems (physician using traditional remedies) keeping in view of its good taste and nourishment. The well balanced ingredients of Mughlai food creates the sumptuous taste followed by its better digestion. Its aromatic spices increase appetite whereas its properties help in smooth and easy digestion. It is a fact, that a Mughlai food prepared with real recipes reduce the chance of acidity and their digestive issues.

We produce selected items that are very popular and easy to use. We use fresh and pure ingredients which we acquire directly from the producers.

The promoters of the "MUGHAL KITCHEN" has ancestral link with the courtiers of Royal Mughals, the traditional Mughlai recipe survived with them and carried forward as a family heirloom.

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